A Review of the Best Essay Editors

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is an editing application used to highlight errors in a paper. There is a free plan that only highlights grammar and spelling errors. There is a need to use the paid option for a more detailed option, which costs about $29.0095/month and $359.40 per year. The subscriptions are a bit expensive, but for constant writers, then the fee will be a bit friendly. The good thing with Grammarly is that it will detect wrongly placed words, poor sentence structures, passive voice, and synonyms on most repeated words. Grammarly can be plugged (browser extension) in Microsoft Word. A student/writer does not have to upload the document using a web browser. You can get the best of Grammarly by subscribing to the Premium Subscriptions as it has unlimited access and a plagiarism detector. This is the most used editing tool used in the market and has been licensed by over five hundred universities, making it one of the most recommended tools for students. Thus, it is correct to term it as the World's best English and Grammar checker with a user satisfaction of 96%.

2. Cliché Finder

As the name suggests, a cliché finder is used to find clichés in your creative writing. It employs unique algorithms that enable it to locate overused and stale phrases and expressions. It is relatively easy to use as it entails one copy and pasting their write-up in a dialog box and clicking a button, and then all words that need to be eliminated are highlighted. It is good to use it if you want your creative writing to be unique and use unique words and phrases.

3. Microsoft Words and Google Docs

If you are a writer on a budget, you do not have to worry as Microsoft and Google Docs have built-in grammar checkers. They may not provide all features of what other grammar checkers offer, but it is better than none as it will highlight spelling mistakes other minor issues with your paper. To access Microsoft Word, you need to install from their official site and buy a subscription. For Google Docs, you can access it from a browser. You need to have access to your Google account, and you will be good to go. You can use any browser from any operating system, be it Chrome OS, Mac OS, Windows or Linux. Both tools highlight spelling mistakes in red, and they give suggestions on the same. Before sending your document, Google Docs Microsoft Words can help eliminate a few errors. Microsoft comes as a package with other applications such as Ms. Excel, PowerPoint, outlook and publisher and its subscription starts from $0.99 per month. Google Docs is free, and you can translate over 100 languages free. For these applications, you do not need to copy-paste your work to another window. You can write and edit your work from their windows.

4. After The Deadline

After The Deadline is a web application that users can extend to their browser (Firefox and chrome). It uses colors to highlight different mistakes; for instance, green is for grammatical errors, red is for misused words and blue for style suggestions. This is a free application and is recommended for use by bloggers and article writers. It is easy to use and works exemplarily well with WordPress. Besides, it is recommended for personal use. Those interested in commercial use may have to seek other software that works better.

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5. Paper Rater

It is a web-based proofreading application that uses machine learning, natural language processing, data mining and computational linguistics. The application provides a dialog box where one can upload a document or copy-paste content. Then the user chooses the level of education and type of paper to customize its content to the write suggestions. Features of paper rater are unlimited submissions with a maximum of twenty pages per session. Grammar checks and exercise, spelling checker, no ads, automated scoring, corrections suggestions and vocabulary builders. There is a premium subscription to this editor, which is at $7.48/month, but there is a free version, which does not offer all features states above. The application is purely cloud-based, and thus clients do not need to install any application to access its services. The only requirement is good internet.

6. ProwritingAid

ProwritingAid comes in three subscriptions. A free version that gives 19 reports with a maximum size of 3000 words. Premium's second option is $35 per year with no word limitations. It is compatible with Google Docs and Microsoft word. Premium + gives 50 plagiarism checks for $40 per year and allows for interactive editing. The prices for ProwritingAid are friendly, but it limits the number of plagiarism checks, and for other subscriptions, there is no plagiarism check. This editor's features are highlights adverbs and passive voice words, eliminates clichés, corrects spelling and grammar errors, and identifies repetitive clauses.

7. Robot Don

It is a product of Edusson and is a free service that offers plagiarism checks, readability suggestions and style options. An added feature of this tool is that it offers statistics and analytics of texts and checks on quality using two algorithms: Flesch-Kincaid and Gunning Fox Index readability test. Robot Don is an online checker.

8. Hemmingway Editor

This editor s different from other grammar and spell-checking editors. It majorly concentrates on style. By using the tool, your write-up will come out more organized and clear for your audience. The system intends to make the message intended to be much easier to comprehend. The editor uses Automated Readability Index, which is among the oldest and most reliable algorithms that most editors have employed. It checks on passive voice use and gives suggestions on how to change them to avoid overuse. It also gives suggestions of where verbs need to replace weak adverbs and tells where there is a use of complicated words. The application is easy to use. One can purchase the desktop application, which comes with free updates. This editor also highlights mistakes using different colors. Green for adverbs, complex sentences in red and passive voice in green.

9. Grammar Checker

This online grammar tool checks for spelling, stylistic errors, punctuations and grammar. Its main features include finding synonyms, swapping out incorrect words and automatically replacing short pieces of writing with correct versions. It makes your writing SEO-friendly, and it is free. The main disadvantage of this tool is that the automatic replacement of words. Manual replacing of words allows you to make changes where you feel needs adjustments, but corrections are made automatically for this tool. It is, however, straightforward and easy to use. It can only be accessed through a web browser, and it is not as powerful as other online tools.

10. Reverso

This is another editor, which checks on grammar and spelling mistakes in the market with a user satisfaction of 99% and an overall score of 9.5 closely after Grammarly. Reverso provides several services from translation, conjugation, grammar, pronunciation and a dictionary. The editing section provides a window where one can paste their work, and spelling mistakes and grammatical suggestions will be highlighted. The application is easy to use and identifies most mistakes giving a score to tell on the paper's quality. The unique feature of Reverso is the ability to translate a document to French, Italian and German. This tool has made its usability quite diverse, attracting individuals and businesses that support a range of languages. According to a review on their page, this is a reliable tool and can easily be used by anyone. Besides, it is readily available on the internet. Reverso also provides a free dictionary that students can use whenever. There are no restrictions on its use.

11. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word. It works by one copy-pasting their report/write-up into the WhiteSmoke Windows, and then errors will be displayed above with suggestions. To accept the suggestion, one clicks on the error, and there is a provision of further explanation if an error is not elaborate enough. This application can be used in Windows and Mac OS and is accessible through all browsers. It also has a translator and dictionary and supports about fifty languages. In case one is stuck on its uses, there are video tutorials that explain the processes in WhiteSmoke. Overall, WhiteSmoke is an easy-to-use tool, and, like other tools, it is efficient and fast. There is a free version, but to enjoy most of its features, it is advisable to buy the full version with unlimited features.

12. Ginger

Ginger Grammar is a tool whose main objective correct texts into realizing efficient and effective write-ups. This is the best tool to use when writing long documents and emails as it checks not only on words but paragraph structures and checks on the context. It has a rephrase feature, which removes redundant and wordy sentences and replaces them with one or two-word sentences. It also provides synonyms to words. It can provide a wide range of perfect matches for words. The good thing with ginger is that you add a plugin on Microsoft Word, can download desktop or mobile applications. It is easily accessible through any device. Ginger checks on typos, similar sound words, phonetic spelling mistakes and misused words. The Ginger software costs29.96 per month and offers a $19.98 per month quarterly offer, and one can pay a year's subscription at $12.48 per month.

13. Manual editing by professionals from Homework Writing

This is the most unique and trusted method where you are charged by actual humans for them to be able to write for you or even checking where your grammar has an issue. They will go through the paper that you upload keenly and mark the same way your professors would. If you require such services just click on the 'order button' below and follow the instructions.

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