How to Write a Good College Application Essay

Hurray! You are finally done with high school and you are excited about the new journey you are about to start. You cannot wait to join the University of your Dreams to pursue you dream course. It is an exciting time for all students, as they are certain that this next step brings in so many opportunities, friends and experiences. The process of looking for the perfect school starts and unfortunately one has to fight their way in. One barrier to your dream school awaits, The College Application Essay.

Look at it as an interview where you are supposed to convince the hiring committee that you are the asset they have been waiting for but only this it is in writing. At this point in your life, you are probably aware that this essay will influence your chances of joining a good school of your dream. It is completely relatable if do not seem to understand what a college application essay is. After all, this is your first time joining a university. Let us define what a college application essay is first.


A college application essay is a short write-up that college rely on to choose students. A student write the essay to show his/her interests and acts as a convincing tool to the college.

Are college applications difficult?

Coming up with a short write up that differentiates you from over other students is not an easy task. According to the university chosen, you can do up to five essays. If you apply for top courses in big universities, be prepared to write a couple more essays before your application is accepted. Here are the reasons why this process may be difficult for some students:

1. You need to come up with a unique topic and be as descriptive as you can in at most two pages.

2. You are competing among thousands of applications.

3. You have no idea how a college essay should be written.

4. English is your second language and you cannot express yourself correctly.

5. There are grading rubric. You are therefore not aware what the college is looking for in the essay.

6. You have no content that can reach the word limit specified.

Why do they matter?

Application essays is a direct ticket to one unlocking their dream careers and goals. With a good application essay, one will easily be enrolled in the field of their choice. It is recommended that you take a few weeks to brainstorm on the best topic you can address and do thorough research on the same. The writing process can be hectic but hang in there. Do not wait until its a few days to deadline to start writing the essay, as this will also make you nervous. Sit down and reflect on that which can set you apart from the rest.

The administration uses these essays to determine the best students they can admit to the school. It becomes easier on them as they can quickly distinguish students whose essays are according to their rubric. Unfortunately, most colleges do not give a description of what they are looking for and it is the student’s task to figure out what they might be looking for. Searching through the internet may not be of help and that might be even more disappointing.

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Points To Help You Write the Best and Most Effective Application Essay

The college essay is a way of you acquitting yourself to the college, that is, the university should be able to see who you are, what your goals are future prospects through the paper. It is a chance for you to create a good impression of yourself. Here are a few pointers that you can use as a guideline to help you write the best essay:

1. Use time to your advantage

Time management is a conversation we often hear so many times. So many people do not realize how time management can help one achieve a lot. First, time management reduces one’s stress level and brings in more productivity. With this essay, the quality of write up one writes will be influenced by the time allocated to complete it. Writing under pressure will have you making a lot of mistakes that could have otherwise being avoided if enough time was allocated to it.

2. Be authentic

Write the paper in the most genuine way. Use the language you are used to. This includes the choice of vocabularies and sentence and paragraph structure. Be confident in yourself and highlight your interests just as you would do in an interview. Show positivity and avoid the use of phrases that express doubt.

3. Do not partake in already done topics

Do not give into pressure by your friends of doing a certain topic simply because it seems easy to them or because you are afraid if you take another path you will lessen your chances. Instead, focus on things that interest you and settle on that. Unless there is an exceptional experience to share about the popular topic then you have no reason to do that topic. Such instances are common when you already have a friend who passed their college essay application process and you feel that his or her idea was right.

4. Keep in mind, that you are promoting YOU!

As you make the paper focus on yourself. What would you like people to know about you? What do you think sets you apart from the rest of the people applying? Share your personal experience and show how that is relevant to the course you want to take. This is like writing a proposal. You are therefore convincing a panel that the topic you intend to discuss is of the essence in you solving a problem in the future. Avoid controversial topics. Remember you do not know who will handle your paper.

5. Use facts. Be Clear!

If the experience you will us e for your essay has also affected other people, you can use statistics to enhance the paper. Using this case scenario, you can explain how your experience affected you and how it contributed to your choices. Do not exaggerate experiences to an extent where it is no longer factual. Remember people reading these essays have read many essays and can easily pin point a fake experience.

6. Follow instructions

If the college has highlighted the number of pages and words stick to that. If not use the regular essay number of words between 500 to 650. Making the essay shorter or longer will attract unnecessary attention to your essay. Let the content be engaging and attract attention by simply following instructions to the latter.

7. Edit and proofread your work

The best way to write your essay is as described by Alex Loveless, this article will mostly come in handy instances where a student has more than six months to apply and write essays for colleges. Write your essay earlier enough to allow time for editing and proofreading. If possible, you can give out your essay to a friend to help you identify errors in the essay. Remember you are looking for perfectly refined essay with zero to minimal errors.

What is the hardest part in writing a college application essay?

The hardest part is choosing the right topic. Despite the availability of several essays one can choose from, it still a challenging process. Good thing is most topics are very broad and open-ended, which gives a student liberty to choose what they feel will express them explicitly well. Experts suggest that best thing to write about are specific experiences or hobby that build someone’s attributes and personal choices. It is also a good choice to pick a topic related to the field of study you choose in the specific college. As much as writing common topics is risky, if done they can be very interesting.

As a student trying to outshine the rest try to be as thoughtful in telling your story. The flow of the story should also introduce the reader who the student is and what he or she believes. In essence, ensure that the story tell a story about you at the end of the day. Do not write about things that are too obvious especially in the introduction section. Use very few lines to introduce yourself; giving a history of your academic achievement may not be appropriate in this essay.

Where can I get help with my college application writing service?

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