How to Write a Good College Essay

College essay writing has not been easy for the starters and most of the time students would take the task to be more than their capacity. The reason for writing essay may be for contest, maybe for school or even the work that has been offered to an employee while he/she is doing a certain research. There are different ways and methods to approach this task which becomes simple when studied in the right manner. Below I am going to evaluate the steps that you will need to follow when you want to come up with the best type of essay paper that can see you prosper academically or win a contest if so is to be marked. If for instance you need more help, our online tutors will be willing to take you through either online or by writing you an example of the paper provided that you give the instructions. Below are the steps that can help you write your paper:

a) Know your topic first

The most important part of the task is to know the topic that you want to write about. This is however provided by the person like the professor that may want you to work on it. College essay papers would most probably have the instructions rather than the topic and it would be up to the student to come up with the best appropriate title of the paper. This would mean that one should concentrate and narrow down to what that they need to consider. For a good essay writer, research should be done to determine the path that is to be followed. Once the path has been decided upon, it would be better to realize what and who the audience is; an example is, some audience can be a teacher or sometimes the essay should be meant for teaching purposes. If it is a contest, the audience may defer depending with how it is handled.

b) Ideology and the essay outline

Once the topic and the audience have been determined, a student or the writer should be able to come up with the outline of the essay paper. According to most scholars, it is good to do a deep research on a particular topic to help in the legality of the content. The outline should contain the points that you would look upon writing the best of the college essay. This essay is crucial in giving the college essay prompts and initializes the write-up. The best way to write the outline is by listing the main ideas that you would tackle and speak in length when you start writing. So it is a wise idea to list them immediately after the title in short points which follows each other line by line. Some may think of drawing a diagram that will contain an expanded ideas but following the central theme.

c) Thesis statement

Now that you have prepared everything that wanted to initiate the write-up, it is a good idea to start the paper with the thesis statement. This is a short paragraph or a two to three sentences that will explain the whole idea of the paper that you are about to write. It should be very short but be able to give an insight of whatever the reader should expect. Remember to start with thesis statement rather than writing it at the bottom of your introductory paragraph. As a matter of fact, thesis statement should be the main idea in the beginning and not the introductory paragraph in the paper. Your thesis statement will most of the time contain two parts. One of them should be the topic that you chose and the second part will be about the main ideas or the opinions that you want to write about. As far as we have come am sure that you are able to see and appreciate how to write a college essay. This is not as hard as you thought but by now if you have been able to understand and follow what I have explained then you are off the road and the most difficult parts are over. I have been able to expand and give more examples on the thesis statement and how you are supposed to writer them. In case you need to read more on the same please make sure that you look at the bottom of this article or at the footer of the website and locate thesis statement. If you are unable to see or locate the page just ask for the support staff through the chat button below to send you the link which would be educative to you.

d) Write the introduction of your college essay

You have written thesis statement and the topic of the paper and now you need to write the introduction of your essay. When writing the introduction, make sure that you grab or rather you make attraction to the intended reader of your essay. You should start your paper with an example or the quote or maybe the story that is very relevant to your paper. After you capture the attention of the readers it is now obvious that you need to explain the ideas that you listed down and the one that you tried to draw the imaginations using thesis and the introduction. This is where you need to go to the next step which is the body of the paper.

e) Body of the essay

This is the most enjoyable part of the paper and which carries the most marks if for instance your paper was supposed to be for the contest or the assignment. Arrange your paper in to paragraph that will contain the ideas that you jotted at the beginning of the essay. Remember to make sure that each paragraph will try to explain one idea. It is always discouraged to mix the ideas in the same paragraph as the reader might get the mix up of the expectations.

There are different ways and guides on how to write a good paragraph and the one that will be pleasing. According to the rules of writing and formatting, you should write the paragraph which is not less than three sentences. The same paragraph should also not be more than seven sentences. This is so because you do not want to bore your reader with so much explanation in a specific idea.

f) Conclusion

Everything that has a beginning has an end. And most the time when one writes an introduction to a certain paper, be it an essay or a research paper, one should be able to make sure that he/she has included a conclusion. Conclusion is the part that will summarize the ideas that you have been writing about. The trick here is to give the recommendation like or your opinion in the topic that you have been tackling all this time. One thing that is clear though is that, in as much as you are supposed to make a summary to the paper, you should be warned not to repeat whatever you have written before.

g) Proofread and fix the errors.

From the title of the paper to the conclusion of an essay, you might think that you are through with the write-up but you have to look at it again. There are errors that you should fix depending on type of the paper that you are writing. One of the errors that we have not looked up is the fact that you researched about the topic that you were to write about and sure you got the information either from the internet or the library books. What is clear is that you were able to get external information. The only way to make sure that the paper is uniquely yours, make sure that you cite it including the bibliography at the end of the essay and the same you should include the in-text citation in the body of the paper. This however should be less than 10% of the whole information and the rest should be your research and opinion. Make sure to include the in-text citation within the paragraph and not the end as the last sentence should be your opinion and what you think about or even the recommendation you give.

The next thing is to make sure that the grammatical errors are reduced to near zero to make sure that you sound simple and accurate. The instructions that were provided at the beginning of the essay should be reviewed to ascertain that you have answered the question as it was and also followed all the requirements.

You will be asked to follow a certain format APA, MLA, or Chicago. Confirm that all the rules of the above have been followed and it is the true reflection of what the teachers wanted. Finally reread the paper as from the beginning to make sure that you have a good flow of ideas and confirm that the paragraphs follow the chronological order which means that the most important points are at the top while the rest follows.

The above guide is used by students to write on the topic or the instructions that have been provided. We have professors in our midst and they train the students to write a good college essay so that everyone that uses our services is good in college essay writing tips. We also provide college essay examples that have a given topic and the instructions. These examples are written to guide the writing process and give more taste to the write-up above. If you still need a well written essay that is unique to you and lacks the plagiarism issue just hit the “make order” above and get your own custom essay papers.

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