Possible Assignments in Earth and Space Science

Earth and Space science is a category of physical sciences. This category includes diverse topics whose coverage begins in preschool to higher learning institutions where students refine their skills on a professional level. In this article, we will cover Earth and Space science assignments at the high school level because it is the central level at which this topic is covered extensively. As part of our discussion, we will mention and briefly describe some of the topics studied in Earth and Space science and possible assignment areas, along with some question examples.

Like in any other physical science, understanding the nature of science is essential in Earth and Space science. This focus area thus requires students to be able to do the following:

• Define Science.

• Pinpoint the goal of science

• Understand various scientific methods.

• Understand how to plot data on graphs.

• Identify various graph types.

• Apply science.

The assignment questions for this subtopic can either be in the form of a quiz or an essay. Quizzes may be open-ended or close-ended. Examples of open-ended questions for this topic are as follows:

1. What is the definition of science?

2. Mention six interesting scientific questions and label whether each is testable or not.

3. List and briefly explain three categories of scientific methodologies.

4. For each of the above-named scientific methodologies, list one benefit, and one demerit.

5. Note down three types of graphs.

6. State the goal of science

The key to answering these questions effectively is to ensure you understand what is being asked of you. For instance, the first question asks you to define science. If you are not keen, you may already have answered the question without following instructions. Maybe you have already gone on and on about how the goal of science is to help individuals comprehend the natural world and what-not, forgetting that the question only needs you to define. That being said, keywords are very important. So let’s go over the respective keywords for the above questions: define, mention, list, and briefly discuss the name, note down, and state. To begin with, the term define means to give the meaning of something. The definition should be brief. Secondly, the terms mention, list, name, or note down require you to write down the exact thing being asked of you with no explanation whatsoever. Then there is explain, discuss and describe, all of which require you to go in-depth about the concept in question. If the question requires a limited description, then the term briefly is often used. Finally, the word state asks you to write a statement as opposed to naming or listing down. Keeping this in mind will make answering assignment questions much easier and also assist you in knowing exactly what information to look for.

Quizzes are typically easy to answer since they do not require putting together a lot of information. Additionally, researching answers for quizzes consumes very little time. The good thing about quizzes is that they can be used later for revision purposes and are more interesting to read through while revising compared to essays.

Close-ended assignment questions often tend to have multiple-choice questions – the writer is only expected to read through the possible answers and pick the one they feel best fits the question. An example of a possible close-ended question that learners can be quizzed on “The Nature of Science” is as follows:

What do you call the branch of knowledge and the systematic study of the universe and all it comprises?

A. Pseudoscience

B. Theory

C. Science

D. Natural law

E. Dogma

The next subtopic studied under the Earth, and Space science course is Standards of Measurement. The focus areas that are likely to be tested are as follows:

• The metric system

• Instruments of Measurement

• Conversions of the Metric System

To assess the students’ understanding of this subject area, an instructor may ask them to write a two-page essay describing the standards of measurement, including the metric system, its conversions, and the instruments of measurements. Grades for this essay are then issued depending on the flow of the essay, the student's ability to meet the page-limit, and the validity of their essay content.

Other topics studied under Earth and Space science along with possible assignment questions are as follows:

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Topic: Earth and Basic

Quiz Questions

1. Briefly describe the Earth's interior.

2. Define magnetism and gravity

3. Name the five spheres of the Earth.

Essay Question

Write a 600-word essay where you discuss the Earth's interior, the origin of life on Earth, and the cycles of the Earth.

Topic: Earth Chemistry

Quiz Questions

1. List down the four states of matter.

2. Describe what you understand by atomic theory.

3. State one advantage and one disadvantage of nuclear power

Essay Question

1. In a 1-page essay, describe Earth Chemistry.

2. Briefly discuss nuclear power and explain some of its benefits and demerits.

Topic: Weather and Climate

Quiz Questions

1. Differentiate between temperature and atmospheric pressure.

2. Distinguish between weather and climate.

3. In a few words, describe what you understand by the term atmosphere.

4. Explain global air circulation

Essay Questions

1. State and explain the major factors responsible for global climate change?

2. In your opinion, how has the global climate changed in the last two decades?

3. What are some of the impacts of global climate change on the world’s economy?

Topic: Weathering and Erosion

Quiz Questions

1. Define the following terms:

a) Weathering

b) Soil erosion

c) Glacier erosion

d) Wind erosion

e) Water erosion

2. What is the connection between weathering and erosion?

Topic: The Oceans

Quiz Questions

1. Name some of the features of the ocean.

2. Describe the motion of water

3. Define waves

Topic: Space and The Solar System

Quiz Questions

1. Briefly describe the following:

a) Electromagnetic Spectrum

b) Spectroscopy

2. State some of the characteristics of the Solar System.

3. State the Laws of Motion by Kepler and Newton.

4. Briefly discuss how astronomical distances are measured.

Essay Questions

1. Describe the history and future of Space exploration.

2. Write about Space-age technology.

3. Discuss the formation of the moon and the formation of the Earth.

4. Describe the relationship between the Sun, Moon, and the Earth.

While answering quiz questions may be easy, essay assignments can prove more complex. This is because the essay must be systematically and logically written to ensure that the idea being sought is the one that is presented. Take, for instance, the following essay question:

What are some of the impacts of global climate change on the world’s economy?

Answering this essay question requires you to first understand that you are dealing with facts and not speculation. Global climate change is an ongoing issue whose effect on the world’s economy has already been felt. However, it is important that you approach the topic from the perspective of a reader that knows nothing about the focus area. That being said, you should begin by introducing global climate change. In the introduction, provide a brief background about the issue of climate change, including some of the factors behind it. It may also help to mention some of the steps the world is taking to avert the issue. Your thesis statement may read something like, “Despite the effort put towards mitigating global climate change, its impacts are already being felt by the world’s economy”.

Your main body should comprise of the various impacts of climate change on the global economy. Each impact should be discussed in a new paragraph, beginning with a topic sentence, followed by supporting evidence, which is finalized with an example. Examples of the impacts of climate change on the global economy that you may choose to discuss for this essay are as follows:

 Damage to property and infrastructure through floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes

 A decline in agricultural productivity resulting in food insecurity

 Mass migration leads to congestion of people and, consequently, a rise in crime.

 Loss of lives, which also affects the world’s productivity and consequently, a decline in economic growth

 Deterioration of human health due to lack of enough food/ low income to seek medical assistance

The topic sentences should be written in a manner that enables the essay to flow seamlessly. To achieve flawlessness, you may consider using conjunctive adverbs such as firstly, secondly, additionally, moreover, and finally. For instance, the first paragraph after the introduction may read as follows: “Firstly, global climate change results in damage to property and infrastructure through floods, hurricanes or earthquakes”. Follow this up with supporting evidence of how climate change causes floods/hurricanes. Once you have done that, consider giving a real-life situation of how a hurricane or flood has damaged property/infrastructure. The rest of the paragraphs should follow a similar format.

For the conclusion, ensure that you restate your thesis and brush over the main points. You may also provide a recommendation of how the impacts of global climate change can be eased up to minimize the damage caused. Earth and Space writing assignments will be less complex and demanding if you follow the tips provided in this article.

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