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The idea of college versus the reality of it is quite different. Many high school graduates visualize college as a break from rules that restrict them from living their "best" lives. The promise of freedom blinds them from the complexity of the advanced studies that their now developed brains are meant to tackle for them to become important people in society. Besides the freedom that college life unrestrictedly allows, the academic projects require maximum concentration due to the short deadlines accorded to students and the somewhat complex instructions given for the completion of these projects. However, denying oneself the college experience does not necessarily guarantee success, and often, assistance should be sought to provide a balance between academic and personal life. Hiring an essay writer can yield many benefits including efficiently managing a heavy workload, impressing one’s professors, better interpreting complex instructions, and a good social life. Writers that provide this service are professional and have a lot of time on their hands to provide assistance when required. Their professionalism allows them to navigate various topics – simple and complex – with ease and understanding and consequently, can simultaneously reduce their client's workload and expand their knowledge. Besides their genuineness and reliability, they provide a unique service that is entirely different from that of their competitors. Unlike other essay writing services, clients subscribed to this service not only get good grades but are also able to improve their knowledge just by reading through their work. The service is tailored to each client’s needs seeing as there are a variety of writers available with expertise in different subject areas. More importantly, the experts are well versed with all levels of study ranging from the undergraduate level, master's level to the doctoral level.

Criteria for Hiring

As mentioned above, essay writers are professionals and thus, one must undergo a rigorous selection process to qualify. This rids the service providers and their clients of unprecedented risks and surprises once clients pay for a service. Having an efficient team establishes trust and enables both parties to benefit mutually from their relationship. Therefore, some of the steps involved in the hiring process are as follows:


Like every other job, the professionals are first vetted through their applications. Whether we have advertised a vacancy or a job seeker develops an interest to work with Homework Writing, a well-drafted resume and cover letter are a MUST. One of the requirements for candidates is an undergraduate degree, master’s degree, or Ph.D. Besides the academic qualifications, the candidate must have experience in diverse fields aside from their area of study. The more specialized the experience the higher one's chances are. For instance, a candidate that has deep knowledge in the mathematical and scientific fields is likely to be more efficient than one with a basic understanding of five or more subject areas. While a resume and cover letter can say a lot about a candidate, Homework Writing seeks to undoubtedly affirm these credentials to provide their clients with the best experience.

Grammar test

Grammar is an essential part of academics and is thus a requirement of any and every subject area save for the mathematical field. Good grammatical formatting can earn or deduct marks meaning that it has an impact on a student’s overall grade. Therefore, the candidates selected in the first selection process MUST undertake a grammar test to gauge their competency as essay writers. One's grammar expertise is measured by their ability to spell correctly, use words in the correct tenses, and differentiate between the English formatting for various languages (the American, British, Canadian, and Australian languages have their variations).


Once the candidates have completed a grammar test, they are then issued with a sample essay assignment. The requirements for the sample paper are standard and require similar formatting to the usual essay papers given to college students. Depending on professional experience, the writers may be asked to adhere to the common formatting styles such as APA, MLA, or Chicago. The tasks are timed to ensure that the candidates can beat deadlines once hired. The sample papers are then critically assessed with reference to the structure, organization, formatting, style, and tone.

Point to Note

After the application process, the selected candidates go through the grammar test stage and sample paper stage and the results for the two stages determine who qualifies and who is eliminated. The candidates that excel in both stages are the ones that are hired. This rigorous selection process ensures that Homework Writing ’s clients are only assisted by the best writers in the game and minimizes negative experiences. Further, this criterion ensures that clients get value for their money.

Strategies for Improving Customer Experience

Beyond selecting qualified helpers, there is a need to incorporate strategies that further improve the client experience. The two strategies that are considered effective for this are proper and constant communication between clients and their assigned writers, and client representatives.

• Online Chat

This feature is available on Homework Writing ’s website. Once has an order has been made, a writer is assigned to it. Communication between the writer and the client is essential for clarification purposes regarding the work to ensure that the end product is excellent. Through the online chat, the writer can ask for sources that are unavailable on their end, questions that allow them to better complete the task, and notify the client of the progress. Similarly, the client can provide the writer with more sources for the completion of their assignments, upload more details, and further instruction on how they want their work to look like.

• Client representatives

Client representatives are available 24/7 for the benefit of both the client and the writer. This is because sometimes, the client may need to make changes but may have trouble reaching the writer. At the same time, the writer may require more details to complete the task and if the client cannot be reached through online chat, the deadline may be compromised. Thus, the client representatives provide assistance on both ends, further guaranteeing the successful completion of the work.

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Reasons for Seeking Assistance

1. Good time management

One of the reasons for seeking assistance with academic projects is to beat deadlines, especially due to heavy workloads. The writers are well-equipped with the necessary skills to ensure that the work is completed within the required deadline. The writers often provide the work several hours before the deadline allowing clients to go through their work prior to submitting it. This also ensures that any corrections are dealt with before the deadline.

2. 0% plagiarism

Homework Writing is well aware of the 0% plagiarism tolerance for academic papers. For that reason, the writers strive to customize the papers by paraphrasing content and providing citations where necessary to meet the 0% plagiarism requirements. Policies developed for this specific setback state that failure to adhere to these requirements results in a specified probation period depending on the extent of plagiarism. If no change is witnessed, then termination follows.

3. Refunds for incomplete or poorly done work

Homework Writing is devoted to giving its clients the best experience. This means that the famous rule “The client is always right” applies. The online chat feature on the website allows writers to seek clarification to the best of their understanding to prevent any mishaps in the delivery of quality work. While it is almost impossible to receive poorly done work from this company, such claims are taken very seriously and refunds are guaranteed for any work that does not meet quality standards.

4. Revisions are not charged

Revisions signify that certain instructions were not followed. Any changes sought by clients are done for free – there is no limit to the number of revision requests that one can make. The writers are more than willing to help their clients get outstanding grades. More importantly, revisions assist them to perfect their craft and in the end, both win.

Hiring an Essay Writer

Send a Request

The folks in this company are a friendly bunch, so do not be afraid to contact them to get your work done. Sending a request involves providing all the necessary details regarding the project requirements including formatting, style, number of pages, and academic level among others. It is important to provide even the trivial of details to maximize the chances of an excellent end product as the writers are trained to follow the instructions one-by-one.

Make a Payment

The ratings per page differ depending on the complexity of the work and the academic level. Thus, the price per page ranges between $6 and $30. The assigned writer will begin working on the order immediately after payment is made.

Assigning a Writer

Homework Writing consists of diverse writers, each with deep knowledge and understanding regarding various subject areas. Once the request and payment are made, a writer matching the requirements for the paper is assigned the work and issued with a deadline within which the order must be complete. Repeat clients have the opportunity to seek the services of their previous clients if they deem fit.

The Writing Process

This process entails doing in-depth research and remaining in constant communication with the client to notify them of the progress. The client may choose to ask for a draft during the process to check whether the instructions are being properly executed.


Once the project is complete, the writer uploads the document to the client’s account and notifies them of the delivery. The client is now at liberty to assess whether their work is satisfactorily done and can choose to submit or send a revision request depending on their assessment.

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